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The importance of dust suppression on construction sites
The extraction, moving, handling of materials on construction sites generates large quantities of dust. While this can be a nuisance to houses and business nearby, it also presents a significant health hazard. With this in mind, operators need to consider the best methods of dust suppression on construction sites. Options are available to suit every situation. At Cross Plant Hire, our mobile dust...
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The Best Welfare Facilities to Have on Construction Sites
There are many hazards associated with modern construction sites. While some of the most common include dangerous machinery and certain types of chemicals, hygiene and welfare are just as important to address in order to ensure the safety of all on-site personnel. In fact, there are certain regulations which highlight the importance of welfare facilities on sites. The Workplace (Health, Safety and...
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What Is A Jet Wash Bowser & What Are The Benefits?
Construction site cleaning is a very important concern which needs to be taken seriously. Not only does this help to ensure the safety of all personnel, but these actions help to guarantee that your firm is adhering to all of the appropriate regulations. Still, such a concept can be quite challenging due to the hectic nature of these very same locations. This is why the presence of a jet wash bows...
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Five Way to Ways to Promote Safe On-Site Hygiene Practices
There are many ways to effectively tackle the concept of health and safety on construction sites. Common practices include the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and recognising the dangers associated with heavy machinery. However, the generally fast-paced nature of these locations dictates that hygiene needs to play an equally important role. This particularly the case when re...
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The Benefits Of Your Construction Site Having A Wheel Wash Station
There are many hazards to be encountered within a construction site. The presence of heavy machinery, high voltage cables and working at height are a handful of common concerns. However, another very real issue involves making absolutely certain that the debris and materials associated with this site remain within its confines as opposed to making their way into the environment or being deposited...
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What are the Best Fuel and Water Storage Solutions for Construction Sites?
Construction sites are associated with a variety of hazards. Some of these such as the presence of heavy equipment or dangerous equipment are more noticeable. However, there are other risks which might not be as apparent to the naked eye. Fuel and water storage are two common concerns and yet, there may be times when management does not appreciate how to prioritise such requirements. The fact of t...
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Top 5 Suggestions When Hiring Plant Machinery
There are many occasions when it makes more sense to hire plant machinery as opposed to making an outright purchase. Not only is this an extremely cost-effective option, but you can remain confident that all equipment has been properly maintained in order to enhance levels of on-site safety and efficiency. Still, there are innumerable companies which deal with these services and it can be somewhat...
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How To Improve Safety With Correct Material Handling And Storage On A Construction Site
We are all aware that construction sites are extremely fluid environments. They are associated with a great deal of movement, the presence of potentially dangerous machinery and the risk of injury if the correct safety protocols are not put in place. Still, some concerns are more apparent than others. One of the issues which is often left unattended until an accident takes place involves material...
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The Importance Of Keeping Your Construction Site Clean
Construction sites can be notorious for the number of hazards which are present on a daily basis. These may include everyday issues such as automated machinery to one-off events including the failure to clean up hazardous rubbish after a large renovation. To put these observations into perspective, the Health and Safety Executive estimates that more than 64,000 employees are injured every year to...
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How To Safely Use On-Site Water and Fuel Storage Facilities
Fuel is a hazardous, highly inflammable substance and must be handled and stored with care. If you are storing fuel in an on-site storage container, safety is absolutely paramount. Equally, there are also important guidelines to follow when storing water. The following guidelines will help to ensure that your onsite fuel storage is environmentally safe and complies with the regulations.  ...
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Water Storage Solutions: Choosing The Best Products
How do you choose the best water storage solutions? Water is the most important element on the planet, our human existence would be impossible without its presence. When it comes to site work, it may shock you to understand just how many ways in which we rely on and use water across the industry; something we tend to take for granted. While technology has come a long way over the years, it is s...
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Working in a Dusty Environment
Understanding the Hazards of Working in a Dusty Environment   Countless workers across the UK will need to face environmental hazards on a daily basis. Some risks such as heavy machinery or exposure to chemicals are more obvious. However, others are not always recognised as easily. One example is the presence of high levels of dust. While such a situation might not initially appear thre...
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Plant Equipment Hire Versus a One-Off Purchase: The Benefits that You Need to Know
Industrial and commercial plants face a number of regular expenses and there can be times when it is challenging to uncover the most logical and cost-effective solutions. One perfect example of this observation can be seen during situations when a specific piece of equipment is required to complete a necessary task. Owners are often torn between using a professional plant equipment hire service or...
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After The Fire: Cross Plant Hire Bounces Back Stronger Than Ever
Cross Plant Hire is a new name to the market however we have been providing cutting edge construction, motorway and agricultural solutions for over 35 years. Over this time, our business has based its operations on continuous quality improvement as well as the ability to provide cost-effective options for every customer. There are nonetheless times when unexpected events can have a lasting impact...
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