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Everything You Need to Know About Wheel Washing On-Site

If you have a lot of vehicles coming and going on your construction site then chances are, they are going to pick up dirt, debris, and silt on their wheels. To avoid any contamination on-site as well as dirt building up on the roads, it’s a good idea to install a wheel washing system. Below is everything you need to know.

What is a wheel washing system?

Wheel wash systems are a practical and cost-effective solution for removing dirt, debris, and silt from wheels. Many wheel washing systems are adjustable to the width of the vehicle meaning they can accommodate any size. There is the option to select a wet or dry wash which makes them a practical addition to your site. 

What do you need to do?

The water runoff from your wheel washing system will contain oil and diesel so it is vital that this water does not run off into the ground, but that it’s channelled into a water containment tank, which can then be recycled and used again.

How do I dispose of the water?

There are two ways in which the water can safely be disposed of, first, it can be to foul sewer but to do this you will need written consent from your chosen water company. Alternatively, if it contains oil, diesel or petrol or other chemicals then it is regarded as hazardous/special waste. Either way, before disposing of it check with the relevant authorities first.

How do I treat it?

One of the best ways for treating the water is to use a settlement tank to remove solids from it. Given the high levels of water, you need to install a settlement tank that can handle large volumes as well as using an oil separator which can be used to remove oil, petrol, or diesel.

Contaminated water will have an oily sheen over it so keep an eye out for that or changes in its colour. The only way to be sure of its quality is to do regular testing.

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At Cross Plant Hire our adjustable wheel wash design has solved a problem for hundreds of customers, and we are confident that our innovative wheel wash system will solve your problem too! 

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