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Five Benefits of Bunded Fuel Tanks

Bunded fuel tanks are one of the most common ways to store hazardous chemicals and other liquids on-site safely. One of the main benefits of a bunded fuel tank is that it has an internal secondary layer which means the risk of spills and leakages is reduced. Below we look at some of the other benefits of bunded fuel tanks.

1. Stop fuel theft

Fuel theft is a growing concern which means you need to go to extra lengths to stop it, doing so will see you save money in the long run. Bunded fuel tanks are strong and robust which makes it extremely hard, if not impossible to syphon fuel from. Its dual protection is one reason why many businesses are using them as a deterrent against fuel theft.

2. On-site safety

Hazardous and toxic leaks or spills can not only be detrimental to the environment should they soak into the ground, but they can cause a risk to the health and well-being of your workforce. Should there be an incident with the outer layer of your bunded fuel tank its contents are still protected by the robust and extraordinarily strong second layer.

3. Rules and regulations

Storing fuel on-site means that you must follow a strict set of rules and regulations which are in place to keep both your business and the surrounding environment safe. Choosing to install a bunded fuel tank means that you are adhering to all the guidelines and you won’t face a fine, and your insurance premiums will probably reduce as well.

4. Prevent leaks

Even a small leak can prove costly if you don’t know about it and that is the risk your face for not using a bunded fuel tank. Doing so eradicates any possibility of hazardous liquids or waste leaking out. If you’re unsure of what size of bunded fuel tank you need then get in touch with one of the Cross Plant Hire team.

5. Additional features

Bunded fuel tanks come with several additional features such as a gauge to be able to see how much liquid is left as well as connections to be able to remove the fuel or liquid safely. They come in a range of sizes and best of all they can be mobile should you need to move them from one site location to the other.

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