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Five Tips for Maintaining Plant Machinery

Plant machinery gets put through its paces in all kinds of weather and situations, so to make sure it is in the best working order possible and to avoid any downtime or costly repairs it needs to be properly looked after. In this article, we cover five tips for maintaining plant machinery.

1. Detailed Logs

One of the best ways to ensure that your plant machinery is properly maintained is to keep a detailed log and record of use. It can be as simple as a sign in and out sheet as well as notes if anyone notices any problems in performance. Doing this means that operators can spot where the machinery is not performing.

In today’s modern world some plant machinery is equipped with GPS that can be monitored each time the equipment is used, digital outputs allow operators and technicians to catch and fix any problems early on. 

2. Planned Maintenance

Like sending your car in for a regular service or MOT the same is needed for plant machinery. Every now and again they need to have parts replaced or things repaired that will enable them to function to full capacity. 

Make sure you schedule regular service and maintenance as doing so will prolong the life of your plant machinery and stop it from breaking down too often causing delays or downtime as well as costly repair bills.

3. Lubricate Regularly

Heavy plant machinery sometimes needs a little more TLC than just every now and again. Plant machinery has a lot of complex moving parts that need daily maintenance and lubrication such as the bearings and hydraulics.

With the amount of dirt, debris and dust that populates construction sites it is easy for the equipment to become contaminated which can lead to parts and components wearing down a lot quicker.

4. Monitor Components

It is always a good idea to have regular inspections of your plant machinery before they are used, this can be as simple as a walk around the equipment and looking under the hood at the engine.

It’s the little things like this that will help operators to pinpoint and spot problems before it is too late. Check things such as gears and sprockets for missing teeth or belts and pulleys for alignment issues. It is also important to check all fluids such as oil and other liquids.

5. Proper Storage

When it comes to storing your plant machinery there are several things you can do to ensure it continues to stay in perfect working order.

Keep large plant machinery stored inside or undercover away from the elements such as damp and rain as this can cause rust and other problems such as condensation. If left for long periods it is also a good idea to start and turn the motor over.

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