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Hiring Vs One-Off Purchase of Plant Machinery

Deciding on whether to hire or purchase plant machinery is a financial decision that a lot of industrial and commercial plants face. It can be difficult to justify the cost and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. However, there are a lot of benefits to hiring plant machinery and in this article, we cover a few of the most common ones.

Updated Equipment

When hiring any plant machinery, you will receive it in the best condition, and you can be assured that it will be new and updated. At Cross Plant Hire we make sure that our fleet is no more than three years old. Another bonus of hiring is that we are responsible for all the servicing and maintenance, so you can focus on the job, task, or project at hand.

Tax Implications

Purchasing plant machinery outright will come with tax implications such as capital gains tax and other fees. When hiring plant machinery, you don’t need to worry about these costs as the hire company will be responsible for them at their end. This leaves you to budget for fees and rental costs only and put the money back into the running of the business.

Storage Requirements

Storing large plant machinery and equipment can be a headache if your site does not have sufficient space. Equipment such as waste tanks and portable water systems for example can take up valuable real-estate on-site which might require a long-term storage solution.

The benefit of using a professional plant hire company is that once you have used the machinery it can be returned solving any storage problems.

Tailored Rental Solutions

Sometimes you might require a piece of plant machinery that you only need for one job or project. Purchasing it can be costly especially if you’re not going to use it again. The best solution therefore will be to hire it as and when you need to use it, eliminating a growing cost for buying it outright.

Repairs & Maintenance

At some point your plant machinery may break down or need to be repaired and maintained. This can be time consuming and distract you from day-to-day operations.

By using a plant hire company, they take the responsibility for any repairs and maintenance. At Cross Plant Hire we ensure that every piece of machinery and equipment is well looked after and maintained on a regular basis so it will continue to perform to its capabilities for years to come.

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