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How Exactly Does a Water Bowser Work?

Water bowsers are an efficient and functional piece of equipment on the construction site for the storage and transportation of water. They come in a range of different sizes as well as static or towable for convenience. Below are a few things you need to know when it comes to understanding how a water bowser works.

Filling up a water bowser

There is nothing technical when it comes to filling a water bowser up as it has a lid at the top for easy access - so it’s just a case of filling it with water and making sure that all the valves are closed beforehand so there is no wastage.

Emptying a water bowser

When it comes to emptying a water bowser the procedure is just as simple as filling it up. Many of them will have a tap or a valve at the back or underneath which can be used to empty it. If you need to empty it quickly then you can fit a jet washer or a pump to speed it up. 

Some water bowsers are fitted with a sprinkler system so there is a slightly different method for emptying the water. First, you can push the water out of the sprinkler heads using a pump which can be costly if it is petrol-powered.  

The gravity or pumped method can be used for dust suppression bowsers but it will depend on the requirements through the spray bar - some water bowsers will have splash plates to create a spray effect.

Maintaining your water bowser

To get the best out of your water bowser and to prolong the life of it, it is advisable to clean it every couple of years. You will also need to check and replace any damaged or broken parts and keep an eye on rust and corrosion as that will taint the water especially if it is used for drinking.

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