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How to Keep Your Site Cabins Clean with Boot Wash Stations

Muddy and dirty boots on site can be a potential health and safety hazard. Whether it is from foreign objects, unwanted chemicals or slips inside on-site cabins, a boot wash station is a perfect solution. Below we cover how to keep your site cabins clean with boot wash stations.

Manual cleaning

Expecting people to manually clean their boots on site is not practical, not only is it time-consuming but it’s dangerous as well. Depending on your site, boots can pick up objects such as glass and toxic chemicals and other contaminants which can be transferred inside. Cleaning these manually is a health and safety concern.

Manual cleaning is a dirty job which can become expensive. Depending on the number of your workforce will determine how much water and cleaning detergent is used. Installing a boot wash station will help with that as it will control the amount of water and cleaning chemicals used.

Hygiene standards

Most sites will have cleanliness standards to adhere to particularly in controlled environments such as preparation and processing areas. At Cross Plant Hire our boot wash stations will reduce the cleaning load by automatically cleaning the sole, side, and top of boots quickly and easily.

These boot wash stations have a powerful and thorough cleaning system, they are easy to install and lightweight so they can be moved to specific areas of your site. Best of all they are durable and capable of surviving tough environments.

What are the benefits?

Boot wash stations are a convenient and safe method to that of manual cleaning and will save you time and money in the long run. It is a hands-free solution that will help reduce the spread of dirt within your site. At Cross Plant Hire our boot wash stations are manufactured to a high standard and we can tailor them to suit your on-site requirements, whether it is for one person or a large workforce.

Why choose a boot wash station?

This new and unique method of cleaning for boots is the perfect solution for stopping mud and other debris from entering your site cabins. There is no need for scrubbing given the high water pressure and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that will not harm your employees. A boot wash station is a practical solution that every site should invest in.

The team at Cross Plant Hire has a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivering a high level of customer service. Even after you have chosen your product our team will be on hand to offer support and advice on how to get the best out of your equipment.

Finally, all our products are regularly serviced and maintained and adhere to HSE regulations. When you choose Cross Plant Hire, you don’t need to worry - contact one of the friendly team here.