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Keeping Your Construction Site Environmentally Friendly

More and more construction sites are becoming more environmentally friendly and recognise the problems of pollution and are aware of the long-term impact that it has on the planet.

In this article, we look at a few products that can help keep your construction site environmentally friendly.

1. Boot wash station

With the amount of mud and muck that can accumulate on the bottom of a work boot, it is important to stop the spread of dirt and other hazardous debris from getting inside welfare cabins, vehicles, and plant equipment. 

One of the best ways to eradicate this is with a boot wash station. This environmentally-friendly equipment has heavy-duty brushes and hose and nozzle blast that can ensure that certain areas of your site are kept clean.  

2. Industrial drip trays

Industrial drip trays are another great way to ensure that your site is environmentally friendly. These robust trays will stop spillages and help to catch drips from a leaky piece of machinery.

They are easy to use and can help to keep liquid storage containers while the contents are being used, they are an essential piece of equipment for every industrial business and construction site.

3. Waste sewage holding tank

A waste sewage holding tank is another environmental solution that can be a huge benefit to your site. They can be used to store water, sewage or abrasive liquids which will stop any contamination to your site.

The tanks will save your business the cost of having to construct concrete tanks on-site as these style of tanks can be delivered to your site ready to go.

4. Drum stores

To control the effects of pollution on-site a drum store is a must-have piece of equipment particularly if you are planning on storing drums outside. 

These drum stores are tough and hard-wearing, standing up to the elements. They are very secure with strong locking mechanisms which means they will keep any hazardous liquids safe from the dangers of a fire or theft. 

5. COSHH Stores

Chemicals need to be stored safely and securely so that they don’t pose a direct threat or risk of an accident to your workforce.

COSHH stores are highly secure and have features such as adjustable shelving, galvanised open mesh floor and lifting eyes and fork pockets for ease of transportation.

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At Cross Plant Hire it is our responsibility to make sure that you are using the right equipment for your safety and environmental solutions, and that your site is clean and within the confines of government legislation.

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