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Keeping Your Plant Machinery Safe Over Night

Construction and building sites are often a target for opportunistic thieves so there is a growing need for businesses to be more vigilant and take better precautions.

Leaving expensive equipment and plant machinery out overnight is just asking for trouble. In this article, we look at keeping your plant machinery safe overnight.

Lock it up

If you don’t have anywhere which is secure, such as a garage or other on-site building then one option is to thread chains through the wheels and then lock them back on themselves.

When using this particular method of security just make sure that the chain and lock are strong enough to deter bolt cutters. 

If you do have a place where the machinery and equipment can be left overnight, make sure that all doors and windows are fitted with strong locks and if you have sensor lights make sure they are activated when darkness falls.

Regular checks

Another way to keep your plant machinery safe is to perform regular checks of the serial numbers and condition that the machinery is in. 

If it is stolen it is easier to give a clear description to police which also means it can easily be identified should someone try to sell it on. 

As well as checking the machinery it is a good idea to check your site as a whole, this includes gates and any perimeter fencing, making sure there are no visible gaps in the fence.


Outside of locks and alarms, another option is to fit a secure GPS tracker to the equipment and machinery. Should it go missing you can then lock onto the GPS signal to find out where your stolen equipment is located - this is a new and modern way to combat theft. 

Alternatively, if that is too expensive some businesses have utilised a removable steering wheel that makes it virtually impossible to steal and operate the machinery.

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