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Plastic Fuel Tanks Vs Steel Fuel Tanks - A Quick Guide

If you are thinking of having a fuel tank installed on your construction site, there are a few considerations you need to make first, such as what type of fuel tank are you going to choose? The main options are steel or plastic, both of which have many benefits.

But before you make that final decision you have to make sure the right one fits your requirement. Here at Cross Plant Hire, we’ve made that decision a little easier for you with our quick guide to the pros and cons of plastic fuel tanks and steel fuel tanks.

Steel fuel tanks

We start with steel fuel tanks; these are generally long-lasting and very durable. They are resilient to all types of weather conditions and offer security for your fuel as they are harder to drill into to syphon. Pricing wise they are cost-effective and great value for money as they are corrosion resistant both externally and internally. 

Of course, while all that is great they are not without their cons. Steel fuel tanks are extremely heavier than the plastic alternatives so you need to consider where on your site it is going to be installed and how often it will need to be moved. When purchasing a steel fuel tank make sure it comes from a reputable supplier as there is a risk they could corrode over time.

Plastic fuel tanks

Plastic fuel tanks offer a good alternative, as they are seamless and unlikely to split or fail. They are lighter so can be manoeuvred and installed very easily. Another benefit of plastic fuel tanks is that they are available in a wide range of sizes which means they can fit and maximise space on your site. The biggest consideration with plastic fuel tanks is that they don’t offer much in the way of security as they are easier to drill into. 

Also, they can be susceptible to accidental damage and from an environmental point of view plastic is harder to recycle as the fuel tank reaches the end of its life. Another con is that they can be weakened in direct sunlight so you would need to make sure they are well covered during warmer weather.

If you need help and advice on deciding which is the best fuel tank for your site, then get in touch with us at the Cross Plant Hire team here. Our knowledge and expertise are second to none and we can help you come to an informed decision based on your site requirements.