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The Benefits Of Your Construction Site Having A Wheel Wash Station

There are many hazards to be encountered within a construction site. The presence of heavy machinery, high voltage cables and working at height are a handful of common concerns. However, another very real issue involves making absolutely certain that the debris and materials associated with this site remain within its confines as opposed to making their way into the environment or being deposited on nearby motorways. This is when the power of a modern construction wheel wash station can make all of the difference in the world. How do these systems function, what on-site benefits can they provide and why are a growing number of customers choosing to work with Cross Plant hire?

The Undeniable Functional Advantages

A custom wheel washing station is a completely portable means to remove potentially hazardous dirt and debris that might otherwise remain trapped within the treads of vehicles. Manufactured from high-grade steel and capable of addressing the needs of even the heaviest of vehicles, they will make quick work out of a task that might otherwise have to be performed manually. Not only do these systems ensure a more thorough cleaning, but they help to reduce the man hours needed to physically wash each tire. This is an obvious benefit when dealing with a fleet of equipment. Please note that both wet and dry washes are available. This will depend upon the debris in question as well as the type of vehicle being serviced.

Addressing the Concerns of the General Public and the Environment

Wheel washing on construction sites is intended to address practical concerns. One of the main issues involves potential hazards to the general public. For instance, let us imagine that a building has recently been demolished. Sharp debris such as glass and metal are bound to be present. If these happen to inadvertently adhere to tyres, they will present a very real hazard to public drivers on the open road. The same holds true in regards to other substances such as oils and caustic cleaning agents. Customised wheel washing stations are able to address these concerns with efficiency and reliability; ensuring that safety is always a top priority. It should likewise be mentioned that certain sediments and chemicals associated with construction sites can easily enter into local waterways if left unchecked. These wash stations therefore represent a sustainable and environmentally friendly method to protect the ecosystem without sacrificing on-site efficiency.

Adhering to Modern Regulations

The Highways Act of 1980 stipulates that construction site owners need to ensure that their vehicle operators do not present hazards to other drivers; particularly associated with the deposition of mud, dirt and debris on the open road. These wheel wash stations will help`to provide the peace of mind in knowing that any vehicle leaving the site is properly cleaned; reducing the chances of an unintentional incident.

Durable, Built to Last and Easy to Operate

There is no doubt that modern wash stations need to be able to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear. This is why Cross Plant Hire has put a great deal of thought into the design of our units. Not only can each bath segment hold up to 4,960 litres of water, but their galvanised surfaces are intended to stand up to the elements and other corrosive materials.

We understand that the user-friendly nature of any construction wheel wash station will encourage others to leverage its associated benefits. This is why they have been designed with an intuitive nature in mind. They are simple to operate and perhaps more importantly, no mains power supply is needed. This adds to their sense of flexibility and convenience; ideal when dealing with potentially fluid on-site situations. Each component is likewise fashioned with lifting eyes so that cleaning is a cinch.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Modern Times

While custom wheel washing systems are often overlooked within the construction sector, the fact of the matter is that their advantages cannot be denied. There are likewise many instances when regulations dictate that such systems need to be present. Cross Plant Hire offers convenient and industry-leading solutions which have been engineered for modern times. Not only are these extremely cost effective, but nationwide service is offered and customers can choose for a next-day delivery if time is of the essence.

Those who would like to learn more about the specifics associated with our line of wheel washing stations are encouraged to read this PDF document or to contact us directly. A representative is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so reserving a wheel washing station or one of our many additional products is easy and straightforward.