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The Importance Of Keeping Your Construction Site Clean

Construction sites can be notorious for the number of hazards which are present on a daily basis. These may include everyday issues such as automated machinery to one-off events including the failure to clean up hazardous rubbish after a large renovation. To put these observations into perspective, the Health and Safety Executive estimates that more than 64,000 employees are injured every year to this lack of oversight (1). It should, therefore, be obvious that cleanliness is next to godliness if you hope to maintain a safe and efficient operation.

Numerous Health and Safety Issues

One of the main issues associated with an untidy construction site is that workers who are otherwise following the rules and regulations might still become inadvertently injured. From slipping on a piece of debris to becoming burned by harsh chemicals that were left unattended, the hazards are very real. While the number of construction-related jobs throughout the United Kingdom comprises only five per cent of the total workforce, they are also associated with an incredible 10 per cent of all reported serious accidents (2). This is why management and foremen need to take such concerns extremely seriously. So, what steps can be taken in order to ensure that the site is safe and secure for all employees? Let us take a look at a handful of expert suggestions.


Cleanliness and hygiene go hand in hand and a lack of either can lead to health hazards for those working on site. Our innovative mobile safety shower is ideal for environments where a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed and will ensure that there are hygiene facilities available regardless of the location in question. Manufactured to the highest quality, these facilities are perfect for small or tight work areas. Wherever you are working on site, hygiene facilities must be readily available.

Monitor Work Areas at All Times

Embracing a proactive approach is one of the best ways to avoid a buildup of waste and debris within a construction site. After all, it is much easier to dispose of a small amount of material as opposed to allowing it to accrue to monumental proportions. If necessary, break the site down into sections so this task is easier to oversee.

Separate Any Scrap and Debris

It is important to separate scrap and debris into different categories so they can be recycled at a later date. Examples here include:

  • Metals
  • Woods
  • Fibreglass and plasterboard
  • Electronics
  • Hazardous materials such as oil and batteries

This is also an excellent way to expedite the disposal process at a later date.

Regularly Assign Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

Another key component to a clean construction site involves employee accountability. While there is no doubt that management should provide general supervision, it is the responsibility of the individual worker to ensure that his or her area is free from debris. In other words, keeping the construction site clean represents a team effort.

This is why many successful firms assign different tasks to employees on a rotating basis. One individual could be responsible for picking up scrap while another may be primarily concerned with eliminating any organic rubbish that might have accumulated throughout the day. Providing each individual with a discrete role will also encourage the entire team to diligently perform their assigned tasks.

Utilise Third-Party Waste Management Services

Of course, it could be nearly impossible to address all of these concerns throughout a hectic construction project. This is why it is often prudent to obtain the help of a third-party waste management firm. Such a method will dramatically enhance construction site cleanliness and as a result, the chances of an accidental injury are dramatically reduced. Always compare and contrast at least three different providers in order to determine which offers the most targeted solutions.

Obtain a Professional Risk Assessment

There may be times when it is difficult to know how to handle rubbish on a large construction site. It may be wise to obtain the expert advice provided by a risk assessment specialist. He or she will be able to identify any areas which warrant special considerations and thus, you can develop a targeted and highly efficient approach.

Keeping the construction site clean should always be one of the most important concerns of any firm. In the event of an accident or injury, the entire company could be placed at risk. Let's also recall that safety violations can result in hefty fines. The advice mentioned above should be implemented as soon as possible and as always, never be afraid to ask for professional advice.


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