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Top 5 Suggestions When Hiring Plant Machinery

There are many occasions when it makes more sense to hire plant machinery as opposed to making an outright purchase. Not only is this an extremely cost-effective option, but you can remain confident that all equipment has been properly maintained in order to enhance levels of on-site safety and efficiency. Still, there are innumerable companies which deal with these services and it can be somewhat confusing to know the types of equipment that are suitable for your requirements. This is why taking a look at a handful of targeted plant and machinery hire tips is important if you wish to make an informed and logical decision. What factors should enter into the equation?

1. Pragmatic Safety Concerns

Safety is a paramount concern before hiring any type of on-site equipment. Serious injuries, property damage and even fatal situations can occur if the machinery is not properly maintained according to all of the latest guidelines. This is why it is crucial to choose firms which place a great deal of emphasis upon regular examinations and inspections. The professionals at Cross Plant Hire take safety extremely seriously and you can remain confident that all units are in perfect operational condition.

2. Does the Equipment Suit Your Discrete Requirements?

Every project is associated with its own set of unique needs. This is why ascertaining if the plant hire equipment in question is suitable should always represent part of the decision-making process. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the correct attachments included?

  • Does the size of the unit and its power capacity meet my requirements?

  • Can it be safely and securely transported to the site in question?

  • Will personnel require additional training or can it be used immediately?

Hiring the wrong type of machinery can represent a costly mistake, so be sure that these issues are addressed well in advance. The team at Cross Plant Hire boasts years of experience and we are more than capable of providing any guidance or answering additional questions that you may have.

3. Addressing Reliability and Breakdown Issues

Plant and machinery hire equipment is normally provided in a used state, so age and condition are two critical factors. It should already be obvious that extremely old equipment is more prone to mechanical failures over time. Reliability is also a concern, so take these metrics into account when making a decision. In the same respect, machinery powered by diesel or petrol may become less efficient as it ages. This can lead to on-site cost overruns and similarly frustrating issues. It is always best to opt for rentals that are considered to be in a "new-used" condition. Reputable rental firms will always invest in the services offered to clients and this helps to ensure that all machinery is kept up to date and that reliability will not be called into question.

4. The Availability of the Machinery in Question

Never make the mistake of assuming that the equipment will always be available when it is needed. This is particularly the case when referring to extremely popular items that are in high demand. Check to make certain that it can be hired out in advance as opposed to waiting until the last minute. You might otherwise be forced to postpone an upcoming project for an extended period of time; leading to lower levels of client satisfaction and substantial delays.

5. Logistics and Delivery Times

In the same respect, delivery times are just as critical within such a competitive landscape. Popular equipment hire firms can be placed under a great deal of pressure; especially during the busier times of the year. Be sure to determine when the machinery will be delivered to your premises as well as if any delays are expected. Some factors which might impact this scenario include the distance that needs to be travelled, the size of the unit in question and whether it will be delivered in sections or as one entire piece. Anticipated delivery times should coincide with your project requirements and once again, this is why it is best to reserve a rental well in advance.

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