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Water Storage Solutions: Choosing The Best Products

How do you choose the best water storage solutions?

Water is the most important element on the planet, our human existence would be impossible without its presence. When it comes to site work, it may shock you to understand just how many ways in which we rely on and use water across the industry; something we tend to take for granted. While technology has come a long way over the years, it is still critical to understand how to determine which water storage solutions are appropriate for your needs. There are many factors to take into account and some are likely to be more obvious than others. This is why it is a good idea to break this subject down into a few key sections so that you will be able to make a safe and informed decision when the time is right.

Sanitary and Hygiene Concerns

Many water storage products are intended to offer hygienic solutions for common human needs such as washing, drinking and bathing. In such cases, it is critical that the unit in question is able to provide potable water to individuals or to the public in general. Many of these storage tanks will contain elements such as lined inner walls, hermetically sealed joints and filters in order to remove any foreign contaminants. Always check to make sure that such systems are present if the water is intended for personal use or consumption.


While large water towers which supply water to a village or town are static in nature, there are other times when you might require a portable solution to fulfil specific needs. Examples include:

  • Supplying drinking water to a construction crew.
  • Water bowsers intended for cleaning or washing surfaces.
  • Large tanker units for commercial or industrial needs.

As should be expected, the storage capacity of the tanks should also be taken into account. Typical sizes can range anywhere between 500 and 2,000 gallons.

Resistance to Weather and Harsh Elements

Many modern water storage solutions are intended to be used within harsh environments. They must be able to withstand significant temperature changes without compromising the quality of the interior contents. Any associated pumps should also contain antifreeze systems in the event that sub-zero temperatures are expected to be encountered. Water that is allowed to freeze within pipes or a pump will cause the unit to cease functioning and it could even damage sensitive internal components. Quality storage systems will always take such possibilities into account.

Water-Related Maintenance Solutions

There are certain locations such as construction sites and large industrial storage facilities that need to be adequately cleaned on a regular basis. In such cases, a water bowser equipped with a jet wash system is an excellent option to consider. Not only will it contain enough water to tackle large cleaning tasks, but it can be easily transported from place to place if needed. High-pressure jet wash solutions are important when maintaining equipment.

Dealing with Particulate Matter

Some circumstances could dictate that silt or dirt needs to be separate from water and disposed of according to governmental regulations. Water settlement tanks are comprised of a number of different compartments which will allow such debris to naturally be removed from the solution itself. Pumps and discharge ports help to aid in this process; resulting in the emergence of clean water and the removal of any particulate matter. Once again, these are available in a wide range of sizes and some units can accommodate up to 10,000 gallons (45,000 litres) at a time.

Why Choose Cross Plant Hire for Effective Water Storage Solutions?

Established in 2014, Cross Plant Hire has been offering bespoke and reliable water storage products to a growing number of customers. Some of the units which are able to be provided with next-day delivery include:

These are all available in a number of sizes and they can be rented out for flexible periods of time. Looking to find out more? Give us a call today on 0161 401 0000!

  • Static water tanks
  • Portable bowsers
  • Dust suppression units
  • Settlement tanks
  • Jet wash bowsers
  • Combination water bowsers