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What Is A Jet Wash Bowser & What Are The Benefits?

Construction site cleaning is a very important concern which needs to be taken seriously. Not only does this help to ensure the safety of all personnel, but these actions help to guarantee that your firm is adhering to all of the appropriate regulations. Still, such a concept can be quite challenging due to the hectic nature of these very same locations. This is why the presence of a jet wash bowser is often recommended. What is a bowser and what are its main purposes? Furthermore, what are some of the primary advantages that such systems have to offer? If you are new to these concepts, the information outlined immediately below will come in quite handy.


What is a Bowser and What Tasks is it Intended to Accomplish?

What is a bowser? In the most traditional sense, a bowser is simply a portable tank used to store various fluids such as fuel and water. However, bowsers often refer to on-site systems which are intended to provide a ready supply of water on demand. There are times when this water is potable (important for on-site hydration). This machinery can also be used to address cleaning purposes when required. This is often the case when referring to what are known as jet wash bowsers.

These units consist of a large storage tank that is attached to a pressurised hose that allows users to clean various types of equipment and machinery. The flexible nature of these devices is also ideal when dealing with larger areas (such as a commercial shopping centre under construction). They can be towed by most vehicles and therefore, a ready supply of water is always close by. Now that we have examined the fundamental principles of a jet wash bowser, let us take a look at some other advantages that you can expect to enjoy.

Enhanced Levels of Efficiency

What is a bowser in relation to on-site efficiency? We need to point out that this machinery offers a much quicker way to remove dirt and debris from areas such as vehicle tyres, windscreens and even the boots of employees. As less time is required to address these and other concerns, more effort can be devoted to core construction obligations. Simply stated, there are many times when manual washing is not an option due to the physical effort and time involved.

Maintaining Your Equipment in Top Condition

While the notion of a clean vehicle is not often associated with a construction site, we need to point out that dirty pieces of machinery that are not properly maintained are much more likely to break down and require costly repairs. Portable jet wash bowsers have the ability to provide employees with a rapid and powerful means to remove debris from areas that would otherwise become clogged or damaged. Common examples include:

  • - The tracks of an excavator
  • - External air filters
  • - Vehicle undercarriage
  • - Crane booms and other mechanisms controlled by hydraulic power
  • - Hoses, bolts and similar connections


Thus, modern washing bowsers will also represent an excellent return on investment in relation to common maintenance obligations.


On-Site Cleanliness and Safety

Professionalism is just as important on any job site. Dirty vehicles show a lack of attention to detail; a misconception that could very well reflect negatively upon the entire organisation. It should likewise be mentioned that these units represent a strong and yet non-abrasive means to address dirt and grime. Furthermore, the presence of extendable hoses will ensure that you can access hard-to-reach areas. When appearances count, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Safety is an additional concern which should never be overlooked. Dirty windscreens can present visibility issues when operating heavy machinery. Taillights caked with grime might not be seen by other workers; potentially leading to a serious accident. Dirt and debris on areas such as ladders could result in a fall. This is why any list of construction cleaning tips will always stress the importance of keeping your equipment in top shape at all times.

Modern Configurations to Select

The team at Cross Plant Hire supplies jet wash bowsers in a number of different sizes and configurations. You can likewise select from three different water storage capacities (500, 1,000, and 2,000 gallons) and each is fitted with a built-in bottle that can contain detergent when needed. Above all, we maintain all of our equipment to the highest of operational standards. Safety and reliability are therefore never an issue.

Do you require an efficient and rapid cleaning solution for your on-site equipment? If so, our range of jet wash bowsers should never be overlooked. Anyone who would like to learn more about their rental options is encouraged to contact us on 0161 401 0000 or email sales@crossplanthire.com. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always more than happy to help assist with any enquiries. When modern technological solutions are needed, Cross Plant Hire is on your side.