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Why Hire a Towable Water Bowser for a Construction Site?

Construction sites require a lot of plant machinery and equipment to carry out a wide range of tasks. One piece of equipment that every site should have is a towable water bowser. Below we cover a few reasons why you should hire a towable water bowser for a construction site.

Ease of use

Towable water bowsers are easy to use with their main job being to transport fluids across the site safely and without problems. 

They are hard wearing and durable and can tackle any surface given their heavy-duty jockey wheels - this means that they can be towed behind most vehicles.

If you are using one for use on the motorway, for example, they have a great safety measure in the form of a breakaway system should the trailer become involved in an accident or unhitched for whatever reason? This system’s mechanism will apply the brakes to bring the bowser to a complete stop.

Water bowsers allow access to water when there are not any water mains on site. If you are wondering how they work, here is an easy breakdown of handling a water bowser.

How do they work?

Water bowsers work simply by filling them from the top and they will have a valve underneath when the time comes to drain or get rid of the liquid inside. 

As stupid as it sounds always make sure the valves are closed when filling up your water bowser so there is no unnecessary wastage, access to fill it will be from the top.

Why hire one?

Hiring a towable water bowser is efficient for your budget and productivity and will save time on transporting water across the site. At Cross Plant Hire we have several different sizes to suit your needs including 500, 1,000 and 2,000 gallons - for more information, you can speak to one of the team.

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