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Why Hire a Waste Sewage Holding Tank from Cross Plant Hire?

Ensuring that sewage and/or wastewater is stored safely on-site is especially important. Waste sewage holding tanks can be used in the construction, sanitation, event and camping industries, indeed, anywhere where you need to store or capture liquids.

What are they?

Often constructed from an extraordinarily strong polyethene with a thick wall, waste sewage holding tanks come pre-pressure tested to avoid leaks. The fundamental difference in the way that they operate to septic tanks is their inability to release wastewater into the ground. 

This means that there is a substantial amount more maintenance with a holding tank than there is with a septic tank. If you opt for this solution, you’ll need to have the tank pumped and emptied at least once every few weeks or monthly.

Not doing so will lead to a solid and water build-up that could eventually cause leaks that will damage the environment. If this becomes severe, then you would be responsible for the damage and could face charges.

Why use them?

Most people will go to the toilet at least five times a day maybe more with the increase in alcohol and coffee consumption. Day to day washing up and cleaning can also produce a lot of wastewater that needs to be stored and held.

If you run a large business or are planning a large-scale event then people will expect some form of home-away-from-home facilities, and that will require a waste sewage holding tank.

Despite people on-site using less water than they would at home it still needs to be stored correctly until such time as it can be disposed of. At Cross Plant Hire our 1000-gallon waste tank is fully equipped to cater to your wastewater needs.

Our tank is fitted with a breather pipe, 4” male bauer inlet, 4” waste removal outlet, 3 glass eyelets and has Integrated lifting eyes all as standard. It is strong, robust and will stand up to the elements.

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