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Why Store Fuel On-Site?

On-site fuel storage and fuel management are some of the most cost-effective and economical solutions for any business where there is a need for easy access to fuel. 

Such industries include fleet and transportation companies as well as construction companies. In this article, we look at some of the benefits of storing fuel on-site.

Cost Efficiency

Businesses that rely heavily on fuel can be affected by rising costs and if you need to keep a fleet of vehicles running then it can become an expensive outgoing. There are unnecessary costs including the use of fuel cards which can also be abused and taken advantage of.

Having on-site fuel storage will save you money per litre spent on filling the tank up and this will have a huge impact on your profit and loss, there is also the added benefit of building working relationships with oil supply companies.


As well as the cost-saving there is the time-saving aspect that having on-site fuel storage can bring. One of the biggest time-saving benefits is that your employees won’t need to travel to fill up. 

Depending on your location your employees may have to travel or may have to make unnecessary detours to find a filling station - on-site fuel storage can also boost your productivity.

Combat fuel theft

Fuel theft is a common problem that plagues many businesses, and it can be costly not to mention the inconvenience of having it happen. 

With an on-site fuel management system, you are able to allocate the fuel at your discretion, as well as how much your employees are using. If you have good CCTV and site security, then you can eradicate theft easily.

Complete control

With an on-site fuel management system, you have total control of all the factors above to be able to manage the distribution of fuel.

Not only will you save time and money, but you will see the efficiency and productivity of your business and employees rise considerably. At Cross Plant Hire we have several fuel storage solutions that will be perfect for your business. 

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