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Why Towable Fuel Bowsers Are So Useful for Construction Sites

There are many machinery and plant solutions used on a construction site to improve efficiency and productivity and in this article, we look at one of those solutions and why it is so useful - the towable fuel bowser.

What are they?

A towable bowser is quite simply a trailer fitted with a tank that is designed to carry not only fuel but a variety of other substances including water and diesel.

They are designed as a cylindrical steel tank mounted on an A-frame chassis and are a safe and secure way of transporting fuel around a construction site for use with machinery and plant equipment.

Why use towable fuel bowsers?

One of the main reasons to use a towable fuel bowser is for convenience as they can be moved around the construction site freely and are compact enough to store away where space is limited.

They are manufactured to an extremely high standard and comply with all industry regulations. For use on public roads, they need to be UN approved and are fitted with the latest features - our team can help explain that in more detail about what the requirements are.

Towable fuel bowsers are strong and reliable and will meet the rigours of the construction site, they are user-friendly and can be lifted easily - they also come in a range of sizes from 1000 Litres – 9000 Litres depending on your storage needs.

Why choose us?

Construction sites can be hazardous and the wet and muddy conditions can make certain tasks difficult. If you rely heavily on the running of machinery and plant-based equipment then they will need to be refuelled. Our larger capacity towable fuel bowsers come complete with a refuelling platform to promote safety on site.

Here at Cross Plant Hire we understanf that our clients have a variety of on-site needs and expect reliable and super-quick turnaround times, which is important when you need to get the job completed on time.

Here at Cross Plant, we understand the needs of our customers which is why we provide equipment that meets the highest standards for the best price. Not only that, but we deliver super-quick turnaround times because we know you don’t have time to wait.

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