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Working in a Dusty Environment

Understanding the Hazards of Working in a Dusty Environment   Countless workers across the UK will need to face environmental hazards on a daily basis. Some risks such as heavy machinery or exposure to chemicals are more obvious. However, others are not always recognised as easily. One example is the presence of high levels of dust. While such a situation might not initially appear threatening, there are actually a number of serious concerns to take into account.   Construction Site Dust: Much More Than Meets the Eye   The first thing to appreciate is that the types of dust can be broken down into three main categories: Non-silica dust (cement, plasterboard and certain types of stone). Silica dust (sand, mortar and some varieties of concrete). Dust derived from wood and wood byproducts.   The associated health effects of dust will depend upon the type of particulate matter in the air. Another interesting observation is that some s...

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Plant Equipment Hire Versus a One-Off Purchase: The Benefits that You Need to Know

Industrial and commercial plants face a number of regular expenses and there can be times when it is challenging to uncover the most logical and cost-effective solutions. One perfect example of this observation can be seen during situations when a specific piece of equipment is required to complete a necessary task. Owners are often torn between using a professional plant equipment hire service or purchasing the unit outright. You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of benefits associated with hiring out such equipment on a flexible basis. Let us now take a look at some of the most profound advantages. New and Up To Date Equipment We always aim to ensure that our fleet of equipment here at Crossplant Hire is new and up to date, ensuring our fleet is less than three years old at all times. Not only is the equipment you'll be hiring new, but we'll be responsible for any servicing to keep it fresh and reliable; another responsibility you don’t need to w...

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After The Fire: Cross Plant Hire Bounces Back Stronger Than Ever

Cross Plant Hire is a new name to the market however we have been providing cutting edge construction, motorway and agricultural solutions for over 35 years. Over this time, our business has based its operations on continuous quality improvement as well as the ability to provide cost-effective options for every customer. There are nonetheless times when unexpected events can have a lasting impact upon the operations of every business. During the overnight hours of 23 February, our plant and an adjoining structure were involved in a fire. Thankfully, the efficient responses of Ramsbottom and Lancashire fire services limited any damage and we were conducting operations the very next day. How has this incident served to reshape our approaches and what traits have we continued to exhibit? Overcoming Short-Term Obstacles: Above and Beyond A fire can be devastating for any business and subsequent challenges may be difficult to overcome. However, Cross Plant Hire viewed such a situation...

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