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Emergency Portable Safety Shower

Emergency Portable Safety Shower

Emergency Portable Shower


Here at Cross Plant Hire, we are extremely proud of our revolutionary emergency portable shower. Not only are the showers ideal for use in environments where constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed, but it able to protect workers from hazardous substances. Our emergency portable showers have been designed specifically for the construction industry and manufactured to the highest quality.

Our emergency portable showers are particularly useful on-site when required to work in dirty conditions, where individuals may come into contact with harmful substances. Showers enable construction workers a way in which they can wash away potentially harmful substances from their hair and skin, meaning that they are less likely to be affected or injured. As well as this, it is a luxury that will be appreciated, as when working in dirtier conditions such as mud and rain, using an emergency portable shower means that the dirt collected from the site will not be transferred to the worker’s vehicles and homes.

When used properly, this innovative mobile safety shower maintains full compliance with current regulations. A key feature of this product is its small footprint, which allows deployment in small or tight work areas and includes a stabilising drop and lock leg to provide stability during use. In addition, we stress the importance of ensuring that all emergency portable shower units are positioned away from the toilet facilities. This is to strop any chance of contaminating those around you with the possible harmful substances you may have come into contact with.

Our emergency portable showers come in two different capacities, 1000l and 2000l. The model pictured includes a 500 gallon (2000l) water storage tank. The water pressure for the emergency portable showers is provided by a Honda petrol powered water pump (electric options available).

For more information about our emergency portable showers or any of our other products, get in contact with us on 0161 401 0000 where a friendly member of our team will gladly assist. We look forward to hearing from you!