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Towable Fuel Bowsers

Towable Fuel Bowsers

To increase performance and profitability, constructions sites need to be flexible and cost-effective, which is why we offer you our stunning range of all-Bundled Towable Fuel Bowsers for hire! Manufactured to the highest standards and capable of withstanding harsh environments, our towable fuel bowsers are ideal for road and site use and are built to last. Fitted with UN approved highway features, a push-pull pump or optional Honda pump, all our towable fuel bowsers are user-friendly, reliable and constructed for easy lifting.

All our fuel tanks & towable fuel bowsers have the following key features:
•  ADR Compliant with full U.N. certification  
•  All steel construction for high security and strength  
• For use with diesel and gas oil  
• Fully type approved and compliant with all latest regulations  
• Lifting certificates available on request  
• Available in a range of sizes from 1000 Litres – 9000 Litres
• High-performance axles and tyres for improved stability  
• Protected fuel dispensing equipment  
• Galvanised for added protection 

Wet and muddy construction sites can be hazardous, but machinery will also need refuelling. That being said our larger capacity towable fuel bowsers come complete with refuelling platform to promote safety on site.

Here at Cross Plant, we understand the needs of our customers which is why we provide equipment that meets the highest standards for the best price. Not only that, but we deliver super-quick turnaround times because we know you don’t have time to wait.

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