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Towable & Portable Water Bowsers

The supply of water for cleaning and drinking is an integral aspect of a construction site so you want to ensure you have the mobility and flexibility of our towable water bowser hire services allow you to transport water to areas where and when it is required. The standard pump package is Honda Engine however our towable water bowser hire services will also provide you with water pumps available in 12v, 110v and 240v on demand together with various water spraying options such as fan tail, spray bars and irrigations heads.

Towable Water Bowsers

• Potable water bowsers: 220 gallons or 440 gallons
• Range of site water bowser: 220 gallons to 6000 gallons
• Nationwide delivery  
• 24/7 helpline and next day delivery
• For hire or sale 

Why Choose Us For Towable Water Bowser Hire?

When you choose us for towable water bowser hire services, you will be provided with a lightweight, durable tank that makes water access extremely simple, wherever you are on site. At Cross Plant Hire we have a full range of water storage options, our expert team is always on hand to answer questions, providing you with advice on guidance on which option would suit your needs and site best. We will ensure that we provide you with all the necessary information so that you are able to make an informed descision.

Our towable water bowser hire services remove the burden of transporting water around a construction site which saves time and money. Call a member of our helpful team on 0161 401 0000 or email to place your order.

Towable & Portable Water Bowsers
Towable & Portable Water Bowsers
Towable & Portable Water Bowsers
  • Portable Water Bowsers