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Water Settling Tanks

Cross Plant Water Settling Tanks are used to remove the silty contaminants from water being pumped from ground holes, allowing unwanted wastewater to be discharged correctly and in accordance with government legislation.  
Our robust water settling tanks are fitted with three compartments for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The pump is connected to the inlet port, wastewater is then pumped through two compartments allowing silt to settle before entering a final compartment which allows the clean water through the discharge port.

• Heavy-duty stainless steel build
• Manufactured to highest standards
• Next-day delivery
• Competitive prices
• For sale or hire 

Our Water Settling Tanks are available in the following sizes:
•  1000 gallon (4500 litre)
•  2000 gallon (9000 litre)  
•  4000 gallon (18000 litre)  
•  6000 gallon (27000 litre)
•  8000 gallon (36000 litre)  
•  10000 gallon (45000 litre)   


If you require any more information about our water settling tanks then please call a member of our friendly team on 0161 401 0000 or send us an email enquiry at sales@crossplanthire.com and we will attend to your request promptly.

Water Settling Tanks
Water Settling Tanks
  • Water Settlement Tanks